Discmania Lite Pro Basket
Discmania Lite Pro Basket

Discmania Lite Pro Basket


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Discmania Lite Pro Basket is one of the most affordable PDGA approved targets in the business.

It is perfect training target for both indoor and outdoor use.

Lite PRO has 12 chains that are connected also horizontally to ensure a near-perfect catching experience. Horizontal chains were first used in the original Discmania LITE Basket when it was launched in 2014 and since they have become a standard for these light-weight training targets around the world.

New outlook with red center pole and top flag give a great visibility on the course. Lite PRO is super easy to assemble – it takes only a minute and four clicks to set up. The target is very portable and you can get it anywhere!

Improvements compared to the original LITE Basket include: Electronically galvanized frame and chains, better visibility, slimmer package design and size – The Lite PRO is about 10cm taller than the LITE Basket.

  • Height without flag: 130cm
  • Basket top height: 81cm
  • Basket width: 63cm
  • Chain rack width: 55cm
  • Chain area height: 43cm 

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