Weights and Plastics

For most discs you will see a weight range listed that looks something like 170-174g. What does this mean?

And what about Champion versus Z Line versus Jawbreaker. Which should I choose?

This article is intended to help you navigate the world of disc golf products.


The PDGA which governs the policies around disc golf have specified that the maximum weight of a disc is 200 grams. There is no minimum weight.
Most players prefer to throw discs that weigh around 170-175 grams.

Heavier discs have the advantage of being less affected by the wind, while lighter discs have the advantage of not requiring as much power to get the required speed for a full flight.

Younger players and beginners will generally do better with 150-165g for drivers, while putters are best at 170-180g so that they do better with wind.

You may want to experiment to know what's best for you, but we hope this gives you a great starting point.

Plastics / Materials

Every manufacturer has their own material blends that they use when molding their discs. Discraft has Z Line, ESP and Titanium while Innova has Champion, Star and DX.

Generally speaking each manufacturer has a cheap blend such as DX or Putter Line, and a durable blend such as Champion or Z Line, and a soft durable such as Star and Z FLX, and variations.
Most people prefer a type of plastic for their putters, and a different type for their drivers. This mostly comes down to personal preference.

It's best to take a look at what each manufacturer has to say about their materials, so here's a link to each of them.

If you still have some questions, feel free to contact us to get some additional advice.