Innova DX Disc Golf Set


Sometimes when you start a sport like disc golf, you use whatever gear that finds you first. However, those discs aren’t always the best fit. Proven time after time, these are the best discs for beginners to look for when you’re ready to hit the course for the first time.

Beginner Putter
DX Aviar: You wanna hear chains right away? Start putting with a DX Aviar and you’ll start with the putter that’s won more World Championships than all others combined.

Beginner Midrange
DX Shark: If you’re looking for the best first disc golf disc, the DX Shark is it. Countless of disc golfers have started with only this disc, which can do it all: putt, approach, and drive.

Beginner Driver
DX Leopard: ‘Just stay in the fairway,’ is common advice to new players. Easier said than done, but no other driver does it better than the DX Leopard. “The Leopard is a great all-around control driver I always recommend to newer players,” says Innova pro Chris Sprague.

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