10 Overlooked Discs by Innova

Posted by Arthur Wiebe on

According to the Innova team here are the top 10 overlooked discs.

  • Wombat3 - Goto for turnover shots. If a putter won't get the distance, the Wombat3 has that extra glide to get there.
  • TL3 - Great fairway driver to park your shorts.
  • XT Colt - Comfortable putter with smooth release. Great wind putter.
  • Whale - You can hug them, you can roll them, you can smash them, and even putt them. (We don't stock the Whale yet, but we will soon!)
  • Atlas - Great high speed stability and straight finish.
  • Pig - Grip, and rim shape really fits Ricky's hand.
  • Sidewinder - Great for woods golf and hyzer flips.


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