Three New Discs from Daredevil

Posted by Arthur Wiebe on

Our stock from Daredevil has been updated, including 3 unique new discs.

First the Merlin. I find that it has a flight similar to a PD. It's a fast straight flying disc you can use on your distance shots with a pretty reliable fade at the end of it's flight.

Second the Gray Jay. This beefy disc is more stable than a PD2. Also a fast flying disc you will get a sharp fade with no turn. It's great for getting around trees, or getting a skip on the ground.

Finally the Pteranodon. A mid-range with plenty of glide but still stable. Great for straight shots, and also works well for shot shaping. You can get quite a bit of distance with the Pteranodon and with some speed control use it for a wide range of shots.

Especially with the current trade wars, if you haven't tried Daredevil discs recently, try one of these new molds. These discs are made in Canada and I think you'll enjoy them as well.

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